MFA: 70 Percent of Answers for the European Commission prepared

european-commissionPreparations of answers to the Questionnaire of the European Commission, within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH, is going by the stable dynamics and around 70 percent of responses is already prepared. Replying to a questionnaire is one of the steps in the accession of BiH to a full membership in the European Union.

Thus the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to participate in answering certain questions in the field of regional cooperation and international obligations, in the field of access to the labor market, in part relating to consular matters and within the area of capital movements and payments.

Moreover, part of the issues planned for this Ministry is: the Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights), in the framework of the EU Civil Rights – the right to free movement and residence, and diplomatic and consular protection.

In addition, the Ministry is in charge of answering questions under the Chapter 24: regarding migration, visa policy and the protection of the euro against counterfeiting.

Moreover, Chapter 26 (education and culture), in the context of education, training, and youth – Access to the education of EU citizens, contains questions that need to be answered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Additionally, chapter 30 (External Relations), in the framework of the common commercial policy and development policy and humanitarian aid, in part relating to multilateral issues, and Chapter 31. (Foreign, Security and Defence Policy), in the framework of the Common Foreign and security policy.

“Due to the constitutional and legal responsibilities, there are a number of issues for which we have to wait for the Presidency of BiH to give their opinion and then give the answer of the Ministry. Moreover, there are a number of issues that require the submission of a very extensive records, for which the Ministry will have to take more time to prepare, “was explained from the MFA to the news agency Fena.
(Source: klix)


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