Mesud Selimović- the winner of the ”Sarajevo fight 2”

B&H K1 fighter, Mesud Selimović is the winner of the international K1 tournament, which was held last night at the Youth Center- KSC Skenderija, within the manifestation of the ”Sarajevo fight 2”.

Selimović received his WKU championship belt after three victories in the competition against eight fighters from B&H, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

In the first match, Selimović won against the Slovenian fighter Šaša Klinc. In the semi-finals, Selimović was better than Josip Semren, while in the finals, after a big fight, he managed to win against Vladimir Lekić from Serbia. Selimović was the absolute winner in all three matches.

This 25 year old man from Tuzla was born in Srebrenica. He is a member of the Martial arts club ”Flem Tom-Cat”. His coach is our prominent fighter Sako Zildžić.


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