Messer opened New, 6 million BAM worth Plant in BiH

A new plant for the production of carbon dioxide of the company for the production of gases Messer Group was put into operation yesterday in Sokolovec, near Petrovo. The total value of this investment is 6 million BAM.

The company Messer increased production by about 200 % with the new plant.

The director of company Messer for BiH and Slovenia, Valentin Ilijev, said that the second plant represents the production line with a capacity of two tons per hour, in comparison to the current 800 kilograms.

He stated that about 5 million BAM was invested in the new production line, and about a million BAM for the drillhole.

He also added that carbon dioxide is used in the food and metal industry and other purposes.

Manager of Production, Milorad Djurkovic, said that this plant with the latest technology employs 10 people.


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