Mesic: BiH was not divided in the War, it will not be divided by some Messages either

Stjepan Mesic, the former President of the Republic of Croatia, commented on the last visit of Zoran Milanovic, the President of Croatia, to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and the statements of Aleksandar Vulin, the Minister of the Internal Affairs of Serbia, which have been in the public spotlight in past days.

While commenting on why BiH is constantly in the focus of Croatia and Serbia, he said:

“If the head of a state communicates with BiH, then it should be in the BiH Presidency. It should be said loud and clear once for all – Komsic does not represent Croats, Dzaferovic does not represent Bosniaks, and Dodik does not represent Serbs, they represent BiH. When it comes to BiH, then it must be communicated with the Presidency of BiH. In Belgrade, they host Dodik as if he were a representative of Serbs, but he is not a representative of Serbs, he is only a member of the Presidency. “

The address is the Presidency of BiH

He commented on Milanovic’s visit to BiH and his statement where he noted that it was not his official but working visit.

“When I was president, for me the address was the Presidency of BiH, regardless of who I agreed with in that Presidency or not. Of course, you can visit other parts of the country, but you can’t avoid what is the address for you, and that is the Government for the Government, and the Presidency for the President, ” he pointed out.

Also, he said that if he was in his place, he would come to Potocari on that day, because there was the biggest crime after the Second World War.

“I believe that those who organized the president’s visit had to take that into the account,” he added.

Cultural corpus

He stressed that one should not return to the policies of Franjo Tudjman and Slobodan Milosevic.

“BiH was not divided during the terrible war, genocide, and crimes, so who thinks it can be divided by some messages,” he emphasized.

About Vulin’s statements and the “Serbian world”?

“He emphasizes the unity of the Serbian world, but that unity can be achieved only in a united Europe, when we will all open our borders and when each national corps will have opportunities for development, so, let’s say cultural corps, will be far more powerful, regardless of the fact that we will have different states, but we will have open borders, ” said Mesic, N1 writes.


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