Merkel: The Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not satisfactory

German Chancellor Angela Merkel participated in the meeting with the leaders of the countries of the Western Balkans, and after the meeting, she mentioned that the countries in cooperation with the European Union (EU) must do much more in order to solve the problems.

Merkel emphasized that the EU has done a lot so far together with the countries of the Western Balkans to improve the situation in this part of Europe, and that good cooperation between the countries is one of the interests of the EU itself.

“First of all, we care about the region’s cooperation. I would like to point out that it is in the interest of the EU itself to move this process forward and enable cooperation, reconciliation, and overcome the tendencies of separation. Besides all difficulties when it comes to overcoming war past, we have many successes we have achieved in recent years.  Recently, a regional roaming agreement entered into force that allows the citizens of the Western Balkans to make telephone calls without roaming. Furthermore, a better flow of goods during a pandemic was enabled, as well as the student exchanges within the region and the establishment of a regional market. We have managed to do some things, but not all the processes have been completed yet, ” told Merkel.

During her address, Angela Merkel also referred to the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The German Chancellor noted that the new High Representative in BiH, Christian Schmidt, would take office on August 1st, but that he had already begun to perform this function partly.

“If I look at the situation in this region over the past seven years, we have succeeded in some aspects and I believe we have certainly opened a lot of chapters. When the Berlin Process started in 2014, it enabled cooperation within the region. There are always some difficulties that one cannot predict. The situation in BiH is not satisfactory and we need a new driving force for the Election Law. I hope that Christian Schmidt will have enough support from everyone,” concluded Angela Merkel.

Germany donates 3 million vaccines to the Western Balkans

German Chancellor referred to the current issues in the region, as well as to the process of vaccination against the coronavirus in the Western Balkans, Nezavisne writes.


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