Merhamet Humanitarian Organization in Sweden raised 30,000 BAM for Public Kitchens in BiH


Merhamet humanitarian organization in Sweden has raised 30,000 BAM for ten Merhamet public kitchens in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Merhamet’s Public Kitchens in Sarajevo will be given a total of 4.800 BAM, in Banja Luka 3.600 BAM, Bihac 2.520 BAM, Bosanska Dubica 2.520 BAM, Bosanski Novi 2.520 BAM, Jajce 2.520 BAM, Maglaj 3.000 BAM, Travnik 4,200 BAM, Tuzla 6,000 BAM and Zenica 4,320 BAM.

Merhamet Sweden’s President Fehim Halilovic states that this action has been ongoing for more than 15 years.

“At the end of each year, Merhamet donates funds raised for national cuisine in BiH. In 2019, members of Merhamet Sweden collected and paid 30,000 BAM for this purpose. Although Merhamet’s headquarters in Sarajevo has greatly helped its national cuisine in BiH, Merhamet of Sweden wanted to contribute, as has done for years,” Halilovic said.

According to him, “Merhamet” has more than 20 kitchens. Sweden’s Merhamet also raised 11,700 BAM in aid for the population of Albania affected by the catastrophic earthquakes.  In doing so, Merhamet of Sweden supported the action to collect assistance for the population of Albania, initiated by Merhamet MDD and the Islamic Community in BiH.



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