Merhamet handed over Gifts to Children that are suffering from Cancer

merhametMersiha Cejvanovic, project coordinator in Merhamet, reminded that this organization earlier, especially during the month of Ramadan, operated and provided assistance to those that are in need.

“We wanted to give our contribution to support the organization “A heart for children with cancer in FBiH”. We have already done it before, but Ramadan is kind of a time when we need to remember on those families that are going through difficult times,” said Cejvanovic.

She emphasized that these packages are in the form of food and packages adapted to the age of children who are staying at the Parents’ house.

Parent’s house is intended for continuous stay of children who are suffering from cancer and their parents who come from outside of the Canton Sarajevo within the Pediatric Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo, which was opened in April this year as the first house of this kind in the Canton.

Fikret Kubat, Vice President of the association “A heart for children with cancer in FBiH”, said that this kind of help means a lot to them especially at the moment, he said, because it comes in Ramadan, the month of giving.

“The House is in function at full capacity for a month and a half now. We have between seven and eight families accommodated. They are using all the benefits of this house, including accommodation, food, everything that is necessary to children and their parents, and I believe that we’ve done a great thing, all of us, you and all citizens of the country who helped to make this facility becomes operational. The most beautiful thing is when the child wakes up in 2 or 3 am and says: ”Mum, I like it here.” I think that the purpose of the construction of this house is already achieved and we are very glad for it,” said Kubat.

Almost two months after the opening of the Parents’ House, aid in food still arrives. Organizations and individuals are helping. However, for the operation of a facility such as this, systemic solution is needed.

“I hope that in this sense, we will all together put the pressure on the authorities to help us in order to make this facility fully functioning at its full capacity. We need experts to help these children and their parents. We know that the healing process is long and demanding and we must have the support of psychologists, social workers, educators and animators, and we expect to invest more effort all together, as we helped in the construction, to find a systemic solution to this house,” said Kubat.

Association “A heart for children with cancer in FBiH” started the project of the Parents’ House back in 2011, when, at an event of marking the International Day of Children Suffering from Cancer, they presented this idea. After many obstacles, the association managed to solve the administrative problems and began the construction of the building in March 2014. House for parents of children suffering from cancer includes 666 m2, has 10 apartments and multi-functional rooms with playroom and living room, a joint kitchen and dining room, a conference room and room for physical exercise as well as room for the association.

(Source: divithana.com)

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