”Merhamet” donated 2 million BAM to Flood Victims

merhametThanks to numerous donors, partners in B&H and foreign countries, Muslim Charitable Society Merhamet has until now donated almost 2 million KM to the citizens who were affected by catastrophic floods and landslides in May, 2014.

Since the beginning, Merhamet has directed all their capacities into collecting aid for citizens of endangered territories.

Numerous Merhamet‘s teams were on the field on a daily bases. The job of goods receipt, classification and distribution was given to 1500 volunteers. The Crisis response team has been formed and was in contact with Crisis team of The Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina on daily basis.

Trucks and vans with all kinds of humanitarian aid (food, clothes, shoes, hygiene, tools, candles, protective masks, food and clothes for babies, school supplies and much more) were arriving from the whole Europe into the Merhamet‘s central warehouses in Kaonik near Busovaca, and in Tuzla. Apart from that, Merhamet organized outdoor iftars for citizens of endangered territories during the month of Ramadan.

Once again, Merhamet presented itself as a serious and well organized institution which was also one of the first ones who entered into the endangered areas and delivered aid. ” The huge recognition for us is the trust we got from many donors from B&H and abroad’, as reported from the Charitable Society Merhamet.

(Source: Novo vrijeme)

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