Mercator to take over First Konzum Stores in Sarajevo?

Mercator already started with the take over of stores in BiH. On Thursday, September 7, Mercator took over the first four stores in Sarajevo, confirmed Tomislav Bacic, the Director of Konzum BiH.

“As it is already known, Mercator will take over a total of 83 stores. Now, this is only the technical part of this process,” said Bagic.

In parallel with the process of handing over of stores to Mercator, Konzum is undertaking negotiations with suppliers in BiH on the issue of debt repayment. There are about 1,100 companies in BiH that are demanding debt repayment from Konzum at the moment. At the meeting that was held with suppliers from the RS, representatives of Konzum offered to settle all the debts in 48 installments.

“What we are going to offer is to pay a part of the debt immediately, and part through installments with the corresponding interest rate. We will talk to each supplier individually about the terms of debt repayment” said Bagic.

According to him, the money that will be paid from Croatia in the form of a capital increase for Konzum, in the amount of 30 million BAM, should arrive in BiH soon, but they could not specify the exact date when this will happen.

The Council of Agrokor Creditors in Croatia made the decision to pay this money at a meeting that was held on August 31. This money will be paid from a loan that Agrokor will receive to repay its debts in the amount of about 950 million BAM.




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