Mercator to sell the largest Shopping Centers in BiH?

February 5, 2018 12:30 PM

The company Mercator started the process of monetization of its large shopping centers in an accelerated procedure at the level of the entire group, including BiH, as confirmed by the Management of Mercator BiH.

Monetization means the sale of an object that is then rented from a new owner, with the aim to get fresh capital.

From Mercator BiH added that they will continue with the successful business operation and that the potential sale of real estates will not affect their work, as well as the number of workplaces in their stores.

“The business idea of Mercator BiH will remain the same, and it is the offer of a large number of quality products in our stores and a great comfort during the shopping,” as noted from Mercator BiH.

According to some information, allegedly 17 centers from Slovenia, Croatia and BiH will be involved in the process of monetization.

The famous Super Konzum Radnicka, one of the largest Mercator shopping centers in the Balkans, will be sold in Zagreb. There is also a possibility that Mercator will sell its centers in Pula, Rijeka and Split as well.

When it comes to centers in BiH, the project will include the largest shopping centers in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka.



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