Memorial to killed Croats revealed near Bugojno

The President of the FBiH, Marinko Cavara and representative of the Coordination of Associations from the Homeland War HVO-HB Bugojno, Miroslav Zelic, revealed a memorial to all Croats from that municipality who were killed during the World War I and II and the Homeland War. This monument is located in the village of Kandija near Bugojno.

All the places where people gave the most valuable they had, their lives, from love to their home, homeland and people, deserve to be marked as memorials that will remind all of us on their sacrifice, courage, and contribution to our peace,” said the President of the FBiH, Marinko Cavara.

He noted that all the memorial with which we want to preserve memories on the dead represent “warning that the problems must be solved in a peaceful way”.

“They are also warning for us to never come in the situation that someone else has to give his own life to defend life in their own home, to defend their people, and the opportunity to live a normal life in these areas,” stated Cavara.

He also added that a chapel was constructed near the memorial as well.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)


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