Memorial Services held for 23 Spanish Soldiers who lost their lives protecting BiH

This week saw both COMEUFOR and EUFOR Chief of Staff take part in memorial services for 23 Spanish soldiers who lost their lives protecting BiH.

The services took place at the Spanish Fallen Soldiers monument in Camp Butmir’s memorial park on Monday and in Mostar on Tuesday. Both were attended by the Spanish Ambassador, His Excellency Jose Maria Valdemoro Gimenez and Major General Fernando Garcia Gonzalo-Valerio, Commander of the ‘Castillejos’ Division.

The Spanish Military has served with great dedication in this country with more than 46,000 personnel taking part since 1992. For almost two decades their military contributed to thousands of convoys that transported more than a quarter of a million tonnes of food, medical supplies and clothing to BiH.

Spanish Military Engineers also repaired some of the destroyed bridges over the Neretva River, one of which was the iconic Bridge of Titus.

(Source: eufor)

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