Members of Sarajevo Police brought Presents to Children with Cancer

Members of Police Administration of the Sarajevo Canton paid a visit to children in the Parenting House, which operates within the Association “The Heart for Children who have Cancer in FBiH” and delivered them packages for the New Year.

The parental house has many friends and is one of the most human projects on the territory of BiH, with its purpose to provide the needs to the families that live in it.

That was a good reason for Sarajevo police to visit children today and give them good presents.

“Our colleagues used the visit and the upcoming New Year holidays, and prepared new-year packages for children that were distributed by Santa Claus – a policeman,” was stated by the Ministry of Interior of Canton Sarajevo.

After a short social gathering with the children, their parents and volunteers from the Parenting House, children were given the opportunity to take a look at the equipment of the police officers they brought with them especially for this opportunity.

Afterwards, police officers took the children in their official vehicles and drove them through the neighboring settlement, making them very happy.



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