Members of Houses of Parliament of BiH Spoke with Josipović

SONY DSCAs part of the official visit to BiH of President of Croatia Ivo Josipović and his colleagues, the members of the House of Peoples and the House of Representatives of the Parliament of BIH received them yesterday.

In an open and friendly discussion, they thanked Josipović that he chose BiH as the country for his first official visit after Croatia became a member of the EU. This is a strong and positive message to citizens from both countries.

Chairman of the House of of Poeples Ognjen Tadić and Chairman of the House of Representatives Denis Bećirović, together with the Deputy Chairman of the House of Peoples Milorad Živković and Božo Ljubić once again thanked Croatia for entering the EU, and wish for the country to achieve its goals as a member of this European family, and as a member to support the Euro Atlantic path of countries in Southeast Europe.

He said that Croatian EU membership should be accepted as an impetus to cooperation but only by state institutions, but also all people and citizens of both friendly countries.

The need to intensify business people of BIH and Croatia was stressed, considering that it is a complementary business areas that is traditionally and naturally very familiar to one another.

Josipović said that there is no Europe without membership of all countries of Southeast Europe in the EU, and said that Croatia would have the opportunity to participate in adopting all decisions that are important for this region.

He said that the accession of BiH to the EU is not only of strategic interest of our country, but also the strategic interest of Croatia, and he wishes for his country to be on this process.

At the same time, Josipović added that the problems of BIH are often unique and hard to understand for the international community, and that Croatia is a country that could help with its proper articulation and to find a solution that would not be mistaken, which occurs today, announced the BiH Parliament.

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