Members of BiH’s Armed Forces and Republika Srpska conducted Joint Exercise

At the locations of the barracks “Kozara” and the military warehouse “Krcmarica” ​​in Banja Luka, members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska (RS) conducted a joint exercise “Sadejstvo 2019” today.

According to the defined scenario, members of the 1st Battalion of the 6th Infantry Brigade Armed Forces of BiH together with the members of the Special Anti-terrorist Unit (SAI) of the RS MoI, and with the support of the Brigade Air Force and Anti-Defense Defense Team, EOD Team of Tactical Support Brigades and Health Team of the 6th Battalion of Logistic Support of the AFBiH Border Logistics Command, co-ordinated and jointly responded to the crisis situation.

According to the exercise scenario, the terrorist and criminal groups endanger human resources and material at the location of the armed forces warehouse. About 70 members of AFBiH and about 80 members of the RS MUP participated in the exercise.

At the end of the exercise, an analysis was carried out by 6th Infantry Brigade Commander Brigadier Radovan Jovic, Commander of 1st Battalion Colonel Goran Stokic with members of the Battalion Commander, Chief of Police Administration for Support of the RS MoI, Commander of the SAI MUP RS, and Commander of Police Station Lazarevo.

It was concluded that members of the AFBiH demonstrated a high level of professionalism, training and qualifications, and the readiness to make active and timely tasks set in accordance with the available resources.

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