Members of BiH Border Police seized 200 Kilograms of Narcotic Drug

December 5, 2018 6:00 PM

On December 5th, 2018, members of Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina seized about 200 kilograms of narcotic drug skunk in the border area of Bileća. R.B. (born in 1978), M.K. (born in 1978), M.K. (born in 1977) and N.V. (born in 1983), nationals of Montenegro, attempted to smuggle the drug from Montenegro into BiH. It was detected in several places in a Mercedes, with BiH registration plates, while two vehicles, with Montenegrin registration plates, were the forerunner, i.e. were in the role of a “cleaner”. The BiH Prosecutor’s Office was informed about the event, and further criminalistics work on this case is ongoing.

The seizure of the mentioned drug is the extension of the continuous work of members of BP BiH on prevention of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs.

“The quantities of narcotic drugs seized, and cases recorded over the past two years, exceed the statistics from previous years. Better results are the product of the continuous work of BP BiH members on the suppression of narcotic drugs abuse and, on this occasion, I would like to thank members of BP BiH for all the activities they undertake to protect the state border, despite the insufficient working conditions. During the nine months of 2018, members of BP BiH reported 68 criminal offences involving narcotic drugs, for which 75 persons were reported”, said Director of BP BiH Zoran Galić, adding that the activities on preventing illicit traffic in drugs, and other forms of cross-border crime, will be the priority in the forthcoming period .

We remind you that in 2016, members of BP BiH detected and seized more than a ton of narcotic drug marijuana and crops of Cannabis Sativa. The largest seizure of marijuana in that year was in the area of Trebinje, when 343 kilograms of the narcotic drug were seized, while the rest of the drug was confiscated in the areas of Velika Kladuša, Brčko, Grude, Bijeljina, Gacko etc.

Moreover, in the past period, members of BP BiH have continuously provided assistance to other police agencies in the fight against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs.


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