Members of B&H Parliamentary Assembly on Study Visit to German Parliament

Bonn_BundestagMembers of the Joint Committee on Human Rights, Rights of the Child, Youth, Immigration, Refugees, Asylum and Ethics of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H will be on a study visit to the German Parliament.

The continuation of activities, which are being implemented with the assistance of UNDP, are for the development of strategies of transitional justice in B&H for 2012-2016and to support the adoption and implementation of transitional justice mechanisms in B&H and is the reason for the study visit from 9 to 12 December.

The chairperson Aleksandra Pandurević, deputy chairperson Nermina Kapetanović and members of the Joint Committee Nermina Ćemalović, Senad Šepić, Halid Genjac and Mladen Ivanić will exchange opinions with the hosts on the right to determine the facts and telling the truth.

Special attention will be paid to the process of denazification after the Second World War, dealing with the past after the reunification of Germany with an emphasis on verification in the process of appointing civil servants, and the process of building memorials.

(Source: Parlament.ba)

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