Members of All BH Nations fought under the Flag of the Army of RBiH

April 16, 2017 12:00 PM

army of the rbihThe Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was officially established on the 15th of April 1992 from the units of the Territorial Defense and organized volunteers in response to Serbian aggression against BiH. After the Dayton Agreement, together with the HVO, it was transformed into the Army of the FBiH.

On the 8th of April 1992, the Presidency of BiH declared a war threat and established the Main Staff of the Territorial Defense of BiH. Territorial Defense of BiH was the successor of former Territorial Defense of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The most common symbol is Lilium bosniacum. Coat of arms of the Army of RBiH is actually emblem of RBiH with some additions including two golden swords that pass diagonally through the coat of arms and military inscriptions above the coat of arms.

Under the flag of the Army of RBiH during the aggression on BiH fought members of all BH nations. Some of the generals of the Army of the RBiH were: Sefer Halilović, Jovan Divjak, Stjepan Šiber, Vahid Karavelić, Atif Dudaković, Željko Knez, Rasim Delić, Blaž Kraljević, Atif Dudaković, Arif Pašalić, Nedžad Ajnadžić…

As well as thousands of other members of our Army who defended our country.

BiH can be really proud of its armed force that was made of poorly armed patriots until the end of 1995 when it grew into a respectable military force that was capable of the most complex military operations.

(Source: NV)


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