Member of BiH Presidency Received Philip Reeker

03072013-2vMember of BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegović received in Sarajevo today the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Philip Reeker, with whom he spoke about the current political situation in BiH, as well as the relations in the region of the Western Balkans and the Middle East.

They agreed that the Western Balkan region in large measure has advanced towards the Euro-Atlantic path, but that, unfortunately, BiH has been left behind. They expressed their belief that the entry of Croatia to the EU will be an incentive for all countries in the region to continue with necessary reforms and to improve regional cooperation.

Reeker reiterated the strong support of the US to BiH’s Euro Atlantic path, and added that political leaders and institutions in BiH have to do their part of the job so that countries could move forward. With this in mind, he spoke of the necessity for a prompt completion of activities tied to the registration of perspective military property and the implementation of “Sejdić-Finci”. He expressed the strong support of his country to the process of reform to the FBiH Constitution.

They agreed that the peaceful protests of the citizens in front of BiH institutions speak clearly of the desire of citizens to finally begin to resolve their problems, and that the BiH Parliament has to continue with its work. They assessed that the claims of RS parliamentarians from the RS entity that their safety is endangered in Sarajevo has no basis.

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