Melisa Rahman returned the lost Hearing during her Pregnancy

June 26, 2017 10:45 AM

Melisa RahmanThis was a very special month of Ramadan for family Rahman from Gorazde, Melisa and Adis. They got another son Ahmed. His brother Kenan, a boy who “returned the hearing” to his mother Melisa, was the happiest about his brother. An unusual and touching story from Gorazde received its happily ever after, or it just started.

Melisa, who is working as a nurse at the Cantonal Hospital in Gorazde, lost her hearing a few years ago after she received her therapy for inflammation of the bile duct. After the shock she experienced, her life got a completely different meaning.

“I did not want to be sad and depressed. My family and friends were my strength, and I could only communicate if someone wrote me on the paper and thus I learned lip reading. There was also a nurse in Sarajevo who spontaneously said to me, ‘Always remember that you are very special, dear God would never burden you with something that you cannot endure.’ I turned to faith in the period of deafness as well, which was another shock to my parents,” said Melisa.

A new shock for everyone was her marriage with her husband Adis. They got married after only 15 days.

When they found out that they will become parents, Melisa and Adis were thrilled, but she was very worried whether she will be able to be a good mother to her child or not.

One morning, suddenly, her hearing returned. Another shock.

“I heard the sounds from the outside, where workers were doing something on a neighbor’s fence, and I thought to close the window because they were bothering me. I turned and realized that I heard the sounds from the TV. I could hear everything. I was so happy,” said Melisa.

Her doctor at a clinic in Sarajevo explained to her that there are cases when pregnancy can cause a recovery of mother’s organs.

“I did not know that there was such a chance, and I was scared that it will last just for a moment, but I can hear again,” stated happy Melisa.

“Today, I have a lot different views on life and different situations. All the other women can find the same strength within, and learn the lesson in the bad and good because there can always be a worse situation, and there are many more difficult as well as more beautiful stories than mine,” concluded Melisa.

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