Meeting of the Chairman of Joint Commission for Defense and Security and the General HART

majkic - NATOToday in Sarajevo the Chairman of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security of BiH Dušank Majkić talked with the commander of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Brigadier General Merle D. Hart for whom this was the inaugural visit.

The meeting was attended by the newly appointed Deputy Commander of NATO Headquarters BrigadierOle Asbjorn Fauske and political adviser Rohan Maxwell.

During the meeting they exchanged views on the current situation in the defense sector, and in particular was discussed the pending motion surplus military property, the process of destruction of ammunition and mines, the problems about the list of ammunition and mines as well as the responsibilities of drafting the document “Overview defense “.

It was noted that a number of obvious problems need to be solved in which the Joint Commission for Defense and Security, and NATO Headquarters will together intent to assist the problems in the defense sector.

Moreover, it was welcomed the involvement of other international organizations, especially the Command of EUFOR, the UNDP Office in Sarajevo and the OSCE Mission in BiH with the aim to help the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH in solving current problems, especially on issues that were the subject of today’s discussion, it was announced from the BiH Parliament.


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