Meeting of Companies in Metal Industry Took Place Yesterday in Sarajevo

business dealThe B2B meetings of companies in the metal industry from the cross-border regions of Serbia and BiH took place yesterday in Sarajevo as part of the program “Increasing competitiveness of small and medium businesses and strengthening cross-border connections in the metal industry-EUMETAL 2”.

There were representatives from 23 companies from BiH and 15 from Serbia.

The goal of the meetings was to establish direct contacts and for networking of companies in the metal industry from BiH and Serbia, exchange of experiences and establishing mutual cooperation and creating new jobs.

Yesterday’s B2B meetings were only a part of activities of projects of EUMETA 2, which is being implemented by the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA as a leading partner from BIH and the Regional Development Agency of Zlatibor as a leading partner from Serbia, as part of the IPA program of cross-border cooperation of Serbia-BiH.

The total value of the project is 365.432 euros, of which the EU is financing 80 percent in the amount of 304.070 euros, and the remaining 17 percent or 61.362 euros is financed by SERDA and RRA Zlatibor.

(Source: Fena)

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