Meeting of Companies from Metal Industry of BiH and Serbia on 3 July in Sarajevo

sarajevo_view (4)The Sarajevo Regional Development Agency (SERDA) as part of the project “Increasing competitiveness of small and medium businesses and strengthening cross-border connections in the metal industry-EUMETAL 2’’, financed by the EU, is organizing a B2B meeting of companies of the metal industry of the cross-border area of BIH and Serbia on 3 July in hotel ‘Bristol’ in Sarajevo.

The goal of the B2B meeting is to establish direct contacts and networking of companies in the metal industry from BiH and Serbia, exchange of experiences and to establish mutual cooperation and to open new export markets, announced on the SERDA website.

This meeting will also be a chance to transfer knowledge and experience of companies in the metal industry supported through the project “EUMETAL’, as well as realized benefits through participation in the project.


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