The Meeting of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton scheduled for Today

assembly of sarajevoThe meeting of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton is scheduled for today. On the meeting, the MPs will comment on the Draft Decision and on the confirmation of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton.

As it was already stated, according to the proposed Decision, the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton is Elmedin Konaković and ministerial functions will take the ministers from the Democratic Action Party (SDA), the Democratic Front (DF) and the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Patriotic Party-Sefer Halilovic.

SDA Party proposed Jasmin Halebić for the Minister of Finance, Mujo Fiso for the Minister of Transport, Elvir Kazazovic for the Minister of Education, Science and Youth, Muharem Sabic for the Minister of Economy, Cedomir Lukic for the Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and Environment and Senad Hasanspahic for the Minister for the utility industry and infrastructure.

The Democratic Front proposed Samer Residat for the Minister of Culture and Sport, Karolina Karacic as the Minister for Labour, Social Affairs and Displaced Persons, Emira Tanovic Mikulec as the Minister of health, Predrag Kurtes as the Minister of Interior and Enver Smajkan as the Minister of Justice and Administration.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton is a joint candidate of the Democratic Action Party and the Democratic Front, and this place will take the Muharem Fišo from Bosnian-Herzegovinian Patriotic Party.


(Source: klix/ photo radiosarajevo)


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