Meet the interesting Virtual Reality VRET Startup!

November 17, 2017 5:45 PM

We have a new blog section – Meet our Startups, where we’ll in short interview try to describe what exactly our startups do. The icebreaking startup is VRET, and our interlocutor is Iva Đikić, VRET’s project manager.

  • How did you come up with the idea? Where does the name VRET come from? What makes your startup special?

We started thinking about the whole VRET idea in mid-2016 when we decided to take advantage of SPARK startup program. We have explored technologies that are popular and whose development is anticipated in the future. We’ve opted for virtual reality technologies but we also wanted to do something for the general good, something that would help people. VR exposure therapy was our choice. The name VRET was born from the abbreviation for Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. Our startup is special because it all has that other side, besides business – and that’s the humanitarian side where we really want our product to improve one’s life.

  • Describe your average day at startup. Tell us about your team and how you work together.

Waking up. We come to SPARK, sometimes one by one, and sometimes all together. First things first – drinking coffee and talking about how we spent the day or night. At first, we focus on private life, we know each other very well. After that, we switch to past and future tasks. Everyone does their own tasks. There are also meetings, communication with stakeholders, agreements on the further flow of the project. We communicate a lot with other startups. We eat together and mostly go back home together. After a full day at SPARK, we rarely have the energy for additional social gatherings. We go home, rest, walk, read or work some more.

  • Who are your users and how do you reach them?

Our users are polyclinics with departments of psychiatry and psychology. Most of them came to us, via email and social networks.

  • What do you like the most in SPARK startup program?

The best part is daily learning and improving our startup and ourselves.

  • What’s your productivity hack during bad days?

When we encounter bad days and trust me, there are many of those, we just remember the reason for launching the startup. We somehow have a thought that if we do not pull this out, what about people who have phobia, fear, depression or PTSD? Ten days ago, one of our clients gave us excellent news – the first patient was cured by our product. This gave us motivation for the next year. That’s actually what drives us.

  • Which moto, meme or gif best describes your startup?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.



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