Meet Bosnian Nermina Ramic, a blind Painter from Bosanska Krupa

Although she is almost completely blind, Nermina Ramic from Bosanska Krupa is creating beautiful artwork. Although many people would say that she experiences the entire world through darkness, her artwork is telling us a completely different story. Items and portraits from her perspective are characterized by strong, vivid colours.

“Blue Elf”, “Space Dragon”, “Bird of Paradise” are just some of her paintings. With just two percent of sight on one eye, she is creating beautiful paintings of dragons, angels, planets, comets and galaxies. She mostly paints them according to her memory of how she saw them on TV or how she is imagining them. Some of them are just a replica of Nermina’s dreams.

“I dreamed to stand in the yard once, l was looking and saw a red sky, and just one blue star,” said Nermina Ramic.

She noted that she recognizes colours by the warmth and the touch. She makes her sculptures from a scotch tape.

Nermina was born with poor vision. She was trying to regain her sight or stop the further blindness for years, but she did not succeed.

“She was in Ljubljana and Belgrade and she had a 4 % sight. Unfortunatelly, she lost her sight on the right eye in the last 2-3 years, and now she has only 2 % sight on the left eye,” said Sefika Ramic, Nermina’s mother.

Despite her health problems, she graduated from elementary school in Zagreb. She became a telephone operator in Sarajevo. Since this occupation is extinct now, she never managed to get a job.

“Everything is automatic now and there is no need for a telephone operator,” said Nermina.

She participated in different exhibitions in Zagreb, Sarajevo, Bihac, Italy and Slovenia. Nermina’s wish is that her exhibitions are more frequent and a lot more visited.

(Source: N1)

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