Medical Equipment donated to the Srebrenica Health Center

Representatives of the humanitarian organization “Better Life” from the Netherlands and Selvedina Masic-Gusic from Bratunac handed over a donation of medical equipment to the Srebrenica Health Center.

The director of the Health Center, Aleksandar Jovanovic, thanked for the valuable donation.

“In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, when health institutions are especially exposed and under pressure, every kind of support and help is welcome. It is good to know that someone is thinking of us, to ask what we need, because all this equipment is actually support to our citizens who are in need. The support of people from the Netherlands means a lot to us,” Jovanovic pointed out.

He states that other humanitarian organizations such as Dobro.ba also provide support to the Health Center.

”Namely, this organization also handed over a manometer for oxygen bottles, a device for measuring sugar with strips as well as other medicines to the Health Center these days,” said Jovanovic.

In addition to supporting the Srebrenica Health Center, representatives of the “Better Life” association also provided New Year’s packages for children who attend classes in the regional departments in Sućeska, Žutica, Osat, Osmače and Podravanje. Humanitarian Selvedina Masic-Gusic and the organization “Better Life” have been active in the municipality of Srebrenica for a long time. On several occasions, they provided support to the “Poletarac” kindergarten in Srebrenica, Fena news agency writes.

(Photo: Kadira Sakic for Fena news agency)

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