Meanwhile in BIH: Rooster laying eggs?

13235927_1769610309942312_565165970_nIn household of Ranko and Zora Boljanovic in village Hrupjela in Trebinje, a rooster started to lay eggs of unusual shape, different sizes and colors.

Ranko Boljanovic says that he bought an old year rooster about 6 months ago in Ljubinje and that he noticed that the rooster is behaving strangely after a while.

“Until noon he is a male and the other part of the day he acts as a female,” said Boljanovic, adding that the rooster is very fussy in the morning and cackles like a hen, and in afternoon he is crowing and strutting down the yard.

He says that they thought for the first rooster’s egg that is hen’s, although it had unusual, elongated shape.

That the rooster is not “the real male” Ranko and his wife noticed when they saw that he is laying in the nest of hens.

“We have seen that he lays in one hole in the henhouse. When he would lay, the hole would be empty, and when rooster goes, there would be an egg,” said Ranko, adding that rooster does not lay eggs often, and even 10 to 15 days pass until he lays another one.

Boljanovic say that these eggs do not have yolks and while cooking, egg whites are normal.

“We are not going to eat them, until it is determined what they are,” said Boljanovic.

(Source: avaz.ba)



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