Mayors of Sarajevo and Banja Luka to meet Today

The mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamina Karic, will pay an official visit to Banja Luka tomorrow, at the invitation of the mayor of that city, Drasko Stanivukovic.

"I am convinced that time will show how important it is for our cities, as well as all other local communities, right now, with the additional energy of the young generation, to make efforts to develop and modernize our communities. It is with pleasure that I received the invitation to visit Banja Luka, for which I sincerely thank you. I am happy to respond and share your belief that there are many opportunities for successful cooperation between the two largest cities in our country. Dialogue, openness, cooperation and building bridges of friendship remain one of my commitments ", Karic wrote at the time in response to Stanivukovic's invitation.

Details of the visit protocol will be published during the day.

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