Mayor of Sarajevo Benjamina Karic: The Time of Prosperity in Sarajevo is coming again, help me with that

Benjamina Karic, the new mayor of Sarajevo, addressed after the unanimous election and told what her focus will be in the next few years of her mandate.

First, she thanked for the trust and said that she would do everything to justify it.

“All together we need to support modern and positive tendencies when it comes to the development of the city, during which we will be guided by the interests of citizens, and I as the mayor will give my full contribution. I want us to be a great team working exclusively in the interest of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH),” she stated.

She said that “love for Sarajevo” should be the motive for every action.

”Loving our city, knowing and understanding its needs, and doing everything to make it as good as possible is our main task, ” the new mayor emphasized.

Then, she talked about the significance and beauty of Sarajevo.

“We are part of the European family and we are proud of our people, values, and proven courage. Sarajevo is a libertarian, European, cosmopolitan, and Olympic city. Despite all, Sarajevo always comes out as the winner. It is indestructible. Sarajevo is civic, anti-fascist, ‘libertarian’, ” as she said.

She believes that special attention should be paid to diplomacy during the management of this city.

“We need to initiate better cooperation with European cities. Initiate better cooperation with BiH cities such as Tuzla, Mostar, Zenica, Gradacac… We must show that Sarajevo is truly the capital of our country,” she pointed out.

While speaking of Sarajevo, she could not help but mention its diversity and tradition.

“I do not recognize or support divisions, our and my mission is to unite and create new values. In the heart of our city, mosques, synagogues, Catholic and Orthodox churches have existed for centuries. Respect for religious and other traditions is deeply rooted in our human being. I think that the time of prosperity of our city is coming again, help me with that,” Benjamina concluded.

In the end, she said that she would try to bring as much transparency as possible to the work of the city administration and that they would succeed in many projects that would ultimately modernize Sarajevo.

After the speech, Abdulah Skaka, the former mayor of Sarajevo, handed her the Key of the City of Sarajevo, Klix.ba writes.

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