Mayor handed the Keys of Sarajevo to US Republican Leader in the Senate Bob Dole

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka and City Council Chairman Igor Gavric handed the Key of the City of Sarajevo to the long-time Republican leader in the Senate Bob Dole.

“The United States will help BiH because you deserve it,” Dole said during the ceremony in his residence on Monday.

Skaka stated that there is a great question what Bosnia and Herzegovina and its capital would look like today if there was no Dole.

“With special pleasure, I have handed the keys of our city as a sign of gratitude for everything Dole has done for our country, and he has done so much,” Skaka added.

Bob Dole helped BiH and Sarajevo especially during the war in the country, but also in the years of reconstruction and rebuilding.

Dole strongly advocated for a military intervention that would prevent war and destruction of BiH.

Bob Dole is one of the most important personalities in building the strong friendly relations of BiH, especially Sarajevo as the capital city, with the United States.



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