Mate Rimac founded Technological Park Livno

July 22, 2018 12:00 PM

Mate Rimac, one of the famous businessman in Croatia and founder of Rimac Automobiles, whose co-owner since recently is the famous Porsche, decided to establish the foundation Linnovate, i.e. the future Technological Park Livno.

This foundation will fund entrepreneurial ideas and try to make its influence on the overall development of this BH city.

“We have been talking about what we can do to change everything and to move it in a little bit better direction. Luckily, there are several people of good will and they are willing to make some changes and progress in Livno. Our wish is to establish a technology park and an incubator that will mentor and fund (with small amounts) entrepreneurial projects and give them space for use. We will start modestly but it is important to start. The team is great and if people from the diaspora decide to join us, we will have even larger space for success. For me, it will be a success if I manage to help at least couple of families to stay in Livno,” noted Rimac.

He also stated that additional information will be announced next week.

On the webpage was announced that this project will be officially announced on August 14, at a conference called Business Forum Livno 2018.

The main topic of the conference will be presentation of the foundation Linnovate, i.e. the future Technological Park Livno.

“The initiative for the establishment of the Technological Park Livno was started last year, and it resulted in the foundation Linnovate, whose founders are from Livno: Bernardin Cenan, Bozo Peric, Marin Jozic and Mate Rimac. Besides the role of the founder, it is important to note the role of Mate Rimac as the donor who provided all the necessary financial support for the beginning of work, as well as numerous other programs and activities of the foundation Linnovate,” as noted on this webpage.







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