Master Chef Ivan Pazanin speaks about Bosnian Culinary Traditions

October 30, 2017 1:00 PM

On the second day of the Fair for the Improvement of the Quality of Life “Good Life” in Mostar, the famous Croatian chef Ivan Pazanin prepared a healthy meal at the culinary show. The chef, who became known to the wider public through a cooking show “Three, Two, One – Cook”, cooked food with a motif of healthy eating and seafood.

“We combined seafood and smoked seafood with rice and we made a risotto, which may be a variation of a warm salad, along with a light salad with apple chips with a little orange grain, which makes it interesting and different indeed”, Pazanin presented.

He emphasized how he knows Bosnian culinary traditions because its food is similar to Dalmatian.

“Culinary shows can try to impose anything, but it’s all about the cook and their decision whether it’s needed. Healthy nutrition is now a commodity in demand and it’s absolutely good. A balance between home-made food and healthy eating is a great story for the world,” the famous chef said, predicting that this should not be a passing phase.

Pazanin said that he had his career before the well-known TV show, but that it brought a lot of publicity to him. He also said that the knowledge of amateur chefs who apply for such programs can be talked about for a long time.

“I never got food poisoning, but there have been some very bad meals, but what is most important is that these people learn a lot in a few months,” added Pazanin.

The popular master chef said that the development of Croatian tourism is accompanied by the development of a gastronomic offer, as the restaurants significantly improved, young chefs are highly educated, knowledge is pouring in from the outside.

“However, we need to invest more in the training of young chefs, tourist workers generally, and I think that we can compete globally,” he said.

A similar thing is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Pazanin, adding that he also takes note of the development of tourism and therefore the gastronomic offer.

“It’s the beauty of the country: BiH is diverse, it has everything a tourist country needs to have and it needs to be maximized – people for their jobs, the state in its own way. The gastro scene is good, you have your kitchen, your food. There is no need to invest hot water again and copy from others when we have everything at home,” concluded Ivan.

He also stated that chefs are the driving force behind gastronomy and trends, more than the economy that initiates supply and demand.

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