Mass for the Victims of the Bleiburg Tragedy to be held Today



Mass for the victims of the Bleiburg tragedy will be held in the Sarajevo Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Saturday, May 16, with the participation of the planned number of believers in order to comply with current restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic and to reduce the possibility of any incident, it was announced from the Catholic Press Agency (KTA) of the Bishops’ Conference of BiH.

These are 20 people, not counting the concelebrant priests, who have been informed in advance and whose names are known to the security services, and from this agency, all others are encouraged to participate in regular mass in their parishes that day and offer their prayers for the victims of the Bleiburg tragedy and all the innocent victims of any nation.

 The statement further states that, given the great interest of the media in covering the Mass, which will be led by the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Vinko Kardinal Puljic, the Mass celebration will be broadcast live on RTV Herceg-Bosna and will be broadcast live on HRT, and the video materials will be offered free of charge to all TV companies and others and will be able to be downloaded after the Mass.

It is added that only the official photographer will be able to take photos during the Mass and that real-time photos will be offered free of charge to everyone, citing the source.

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