Masks are no longer mandatory Outdoors in the ​Federation of BiH Entity

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The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided that masks are no longer mandatory in the open. The curfew stays from 9 to 5 p.m. Gathering is limited to 20 rooms indoors and the same number outdoors.

It is mandatory to wear masks in places where it is not possible to keep a distance of two meters – markets, tram, trolleybus and bus stations, markets.

The cantonal governments, ie the cantonal staffs of the ministries of health, have been ordered to introduce more restrictive measures depending on the assessment of the epidemiological situation in the canton, ie the municipality, with regular notification of the FMZ Crisis Staff.

The FMZ Crisis Staff will submit today’s conclusions, with attachments, to the cantonal ministries of health and their crisis headquarters, and through them to health institutions, cantonal general and special hospitals, as well as clinical centers in FBiH, the Federal and cantonal administrations for inspection affairs.

The information emphasized that, although the overall epidemiological situation in the Federation of BiH is improving, the situation is still very serious, and that the incidences are still high. At the level of the Federation of BiH, the seven-day incidence is 145 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the situation in the Herzegovina-Neretva, West Herzegovina and Posavina cantons is particularly worrying.

The proposed measures are of a preventive nature, and are still the least restrictive in the European region and should be extended, as they guarantee the maintenance of economic activities, while their relaxation would be a high risk at this time.

The Crisis Staff explains that the mitigation of measures refers to the abolition of the obligatory wearing of masks in the open, except in places where it is not possible to keep a distance of at least two meters. It has been suggested that wearing masks should still be mandatory at bus, tram and trolleybus stops, as well as platforms, markets and similar.

“It is also proposed to regulate the number of people in supermarkets and wholesale stores based on the size of the sales area, with the mandatory presence of COVID stewards and a clearly indicated number of squares and people who can be in the facility, and the use of maximum cash registers to prevent larger queues,” the Crisis Staff said in a statement, adding: Bearing in mind that the epidemiological situation is still serious, and that the First May holidays will follow, it has been proposed that the restriction of movement remain from 9 pm to 5 am.

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