Martina Mlinarevic promoted her Book “Huzur” just Two Days before her Third Surgery

The large hall of the Center for Culture of Mostar has never been so full. The visitors were even standing in the backyard to witness the promotion of the new book of Martina Mlinarevic at least through open windows.

In the announcement of the promotion of her book “Huzur”, Martina wrote that this promotion will be held just two days before her third surgery in the last eight months.

“Martina like Martina, just like she wrote from the very beginning, full of emotions. I would recommend this book to everyone, and I know that people love her, which is showed by the number of visitors at all of her promotions. Unlike presentations that gather a few people, mostly the closest relatives of the writer, this promotion can be considered as a real social event,” stated Boris Cerkuc, one of the book promoters and moderator.

“This is a real mirror of the soul, and I am sure that it will find the way to other souls. The whole literature, not just her, is one mirror of the soul. Some people do it in a concealed way, but Martina does it very directly,” noted Boris Cerkuc.

Aleksandar Trifunovic had the luck to be Martina’s editor for a short period of time while she wrote for the media and he said that it was a great experience.

“That spill of words in the brain, words that reached people directly and caused reactions. She is very talented and has the ability to tell people the things that need to be said directly,” stated Trifunovic.

The book “Huzur” is already available for purchase, and judging by the interest of public, it will disappear from the shelves in no time.

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