Marko Palameta sentenced on 2.5 Years Imprisonment

October 24, 2018 7:00 PM

On 24 April 2018, an indictment was confirmed in the case of Marko Palameta which charged the accused with the commission of the criminal offense of Tax Evasion or Fraud under Article 210(3) of the CC BiH, as read with paragraph 1 of the same Code.

On 10 July 2018, a plea hearing was held in the case of Marko Palameta, at which the Accused Marko Palameta pleaded not guilty.

Having considered the guilty plea agreement in the case against the accused Marko Palameta, on 19 October 2018 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered a judgment finding the accused Marko Palameta guilty of the criminal offense of Tax Evasion or Fraud under Article 210(3), as read with Paragraph 1, of the Criminal Code of BiH. In that regard, the Court imposed on him a suspended sentence of 1 (one) year of imprisonment, on the proviso that the sentence will not be executed if during the probationary time of 2 (two) years following the finality of the judgment the accused does not commit another criminal offense. The ill-gotten gain in the amount of 131,544.00 KM is confiscated from the accused Marko Palameta, which the accused has already paid in full.



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