Marking the Day of the City of Sarajevo in a City Hall

6th April celebrationOn the occasion of marking the 6th of April, Day of the City of Sarajevo, Program of the manifestation has been presented, and it is significant this year by the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Sarajevo from the World War II.

Also, it will be the first time for the solemn session to be held in a renovated City Hall.

This year as well, program of sport and cultural manifestations under the auspices of the City of Sarajevo was prepared. Program will start on 3rd April and lasts until 11th April. Manifestations dedicated to children and youth, as well as various international sport and cultural events will be held.

“Besides that, this year is very important for us that numerous guests from friendly and brotherly cities will celebrate the Day of the City with us. Mayors of following cities and delegations responded to our invitation: Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bad Ischl (Austria), Gödöllő (Hungary), Novi Pazar (Serbia), Deputy Mayor of the City of Podgorica, Deputy Mayor of the City of Pula, Special senior advisor of Mayor of the City of Zagreb, and representative of the Bosniak National Community of the City of Dubrovnik“, emphasized Komsic.

Also, guests are winners of the award “Honorary Citizen of the City of Sarajevo“ Florence Hartmann, French journalist and writer, Manuel Vila, promoter of the Foundation “District 11 city to city” and the employee of the City Administration of the City of Barcelona. Around 90 citizens of meritorious citizens of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and other cities from Catalonia, that in recent 20 years, directly or indirectly, participated in helping citizens of Sarajevo during its siege 1992-1995 and its renewal from 1996 until now, will come with Vila to Sarajevo.

On 6th of April, a solemn session of the City Council will start in the City Hall, at which 6th April Awards will be awarded.



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