Market Inspection has banned Shop selling “Knife, wire” T-Shirts

The market inspection has banned the company “011 Shop” from Belgrade from selling and advertising all products with the inscription “Knife, wire”, which unequivocally call for inciting national and religious hatred, State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia Uros Kandic told Beta, reports N1 Serbia.

“Advertising and sale of such products not only violate the law on advertising and the criminal code, but are in direct contradiction with the Constitution of Serbia, because they encourage incitement to national, religious and racial hatred, which is explicitly prohibited. In this way , the foundations of society are directly violated, “Kandic said.

He added that criminal charges were filed with the Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime today against the company “011 Shop” for advertising products that incite national, religious and racial hatred.

The Belgrade store “011shop” withdrew its announcement with an apology after the public reaction.

“It was not our intention to propagate any kind of hatred or intolerance towards anyone,” it states, among other things, adding that “the message was taken out of context.”

In addition to products with the inscription “Knife, wire”, this store, among other things, also offers T-shirts with the inscription “Wifebeater”, as well as sweatshirts with the abbreviation “A.C.A.B” (All cops are bastards).

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