Maps of the Invisible Balkans now available as a Mobile App

mape_nevidljivog_balkana_281116With a desire to keep from oblivion the small, invisible and marginalized stories and individuals, the regional civil association “Passengers Club” implemented the project “Maps of the Invisible Balkans” this year. Anecdotes, notes, and memories, previously available on the website Nevidljivi Balkan, are now available in the form of a mobile app. Whenever you are near the spot about which a story was written before, the app will notify you and invite you to read the content about the given location.

Stories about people, local legends, photographs of street art and bizarre things that happened for real are also recorded on the website of the project. The information is not nearly like the information available on official tourist sites and in brochure. “Maps of the Invisible Balkans” give us an opportunity to reveal stories different from those which are part of our everyday life, they provide us with an opportunity to look into history – not the history written by winners, but history experienced by people around us, the history we barely know anything about.

What makes this project especially interesting is the fact that it is interactive – everyone can be an author of a story. If you want to be the chronicler of the past time or a biographer who wants to preserve important stories about small people, apply here or send a mail to mnb@klubputnika.orh.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


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