How many working Permits were issued for BH Citizens in Slovenia and Germany in 2017?

January 10, 2018 12:30 PM

The Agency for Labor and Employment of BiH has mediated the employment of our citizens in the Republic of Slovenia (all occupations based on the employment agreement between the states) and Germany (only care takers on the basis of the Agreement on employment of persons with secondary medical school), as stated by Boris Pupic, the spokesman of this institution.

“In Slovenia, a total of 9,079 work permits were issued by November 2017. Most of them (about 30%) referred to drivers in international traffic, while the rest of the work permits referred to occupations in the construction sector (masonry, locksmiths, and similar occupations).

When it comes to Germany, a total of 777 work permits were issued in the year of 2017. All mediation was for people with medical school who went to work as care takers.

Therefore, almost 10,000 work permits were issued in 2017 for these two countries. These are the people who left BiH and officially went through the system of employment mediation.

It is clear that the number of unemployed persons, which amounts to more than 475,000 in BiH, is not decreasing due to employment in their homeland, but it represents a true image of BH citizens who are leaving BiH.

For example, claims of the politicians that the number of employees in BiH is recording an increase every month are denied by the data of the Agency for Labor and Employment. The number of employees in October was 754,020, in September 753,439, in August 746,178 and in July 748,181.

The experts warn that if this trend continues, BiH will become a country of the elderly people soon, as well as the country that will have to import labor force. Among the most important fields are medicine and economics.




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