How many People will attend the Race for Cure this Saturday?

September 30, 2016 2:45 PM

walk-for-cureNinth JDC / Komen “Race for the Cure” will be held on Saturday at 11 am on Wilson’s Promenade in Sarajevo.

It is expected that the event, which is aimed to raise awareness of the prevention of breast cancer, will be attended by about 7,000 people who will arrive in Sarajevo from more than 30 cities from all over BiH.

According to the program, at 11 am will be held the race for children at 350 meters, and at 11.30 am will take place the Race for the cure in the length of 3.5 km.

Walk for the cure will be held at 12.00 pm, as well as entertainment for children and adults, and awards from sponsors.

Registration of citizens for this event lasted throughout the month of September, and all the funds raised from registration will be spent for the purchase of gift packs for each woman that underwent surgery in BiH, as well as free mammograms in rural parts of the country.

Citizens who did not register on Saturday will be able to do that on the day of the race on the 1st of October at 11 am, on Wilson’s Promanade in Sarajevo.

“Race for the Cure” is unique event with the aim to gather people who survived the disease and their friends, citizens, families, teams of students, famous personalities, in order to support the action of raising awareness in fight against the breast cancer.

“Race for the cure” is branded worldwide race and such manifestations are held every year in more than 150 cities, and attended by several million people.



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