How many Passports were issued in BiH last Year?

January 15, 2018 12:30 PM

The Agency for identification documents, registers and data exchange (IDDEEA) of BiH delivered a total of 262,295 ID cards, 204,724 driving licenses, 469,131 passports, 313,300 registration plates and numerous other documents.

These documents were issued by the relevant cantonal and entity Ministries of Internal Affairs (MIA) and the Public Register of Brcko District, stated the Director of IDDEEA, Arif Nanic.

Considering all of this, the director estimated the work of the Agency as successful, and he added that all activities with special focus on personalization and technical processing of identification documents, documents for vehicle registration and records, took place under the authority of IDDEEA.

He also noted that it is necessary to strengthen the capacities of the Agency on a daily basis, to prepare for the actual work and production of travel documents, and not in the way in which it was previously regulated, only personalization (printing) of a partially personalized document.

It is estimated that the price of traveling documents would be reduced by 50 % in this way, and Nanic also expressed his hope that responsible representatives in the government will support these plans, because they mean savings.

He also noted the fact that IDDEEA concluded a lease contract on former premises in Banja Luka for four years without a fee, which will represent savings of 1.4 million BAM in the period of four years.

According to the decision of the Council of Ministers of BiH on a multi-year capital investment from the year of 2010, the project for the construction of a 22 million BAM worth business facility was approved to the Agency, with the aim of permanent accommodation in Banja Luka.

Talking about the plans for this year, he recalled that the Council of Ministers of BiH adopted their program, which was not the case in previous years, and their primary goal is to conduct activities that refer to the introduction of electronic certificates and resolving the issue of permanent accommodation of the Agency.




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