Mandate of EUFOR extended in BiH because of the Threat to Peace?

November 13, 2017 10:15 AM

The Military Mission of the EU, EUFOR Althea, will stay in BiH with the full military executive mandate because the situation in the region still poses a threat to international peace, as noted in the Resolution of UN Security Council.

The mandate of EUFOR was extended for 12 months. There was also an uncertainty whether the EU will agree to a mandate of the military mission with executive powers, which would mean that the international community remains present in BiH, or it will request from EUFOR to turn into “training mission “. The full military mission of EUFOR and the NATO presence was approved with the adopted text.

In the resolution was also stated that all UN member states are authorized to ensure the application of the agreement through the equal treatment of all parties, in accordance with Annexes I-A and II of the Dayton Agreement, which are responsibilities of the EUFOR and NATO missions.

Although it was assessed that the region remains to be a threat to international peace, it was concluded that the security environment in BiH is stable, as well as the ability of local authorities to deal with security threats.

The EU Delegation recalled the conclusions of the EU Council in October, in which the EU welcomes the continuation of the operation Althea, which will keep the possibility of contributing to the dissuasive capacity of the authorities of BiH, in case that the situation requires it, while putting the focus on the building and training of capacities.



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