Mancini: Sušić can be a Solution for the Future

manciniOn press conference prior to the match between Inter and Juvents, Robertno Mancini was speaking about the winter transfer period.

Inter’s coach has also mentioned Bosnian player Tino Sven Sušić, who is frequently mentioned as a future new member of Nerazzurri.

”Sušić is young player with a lot of qualities, and he could be a solution for the future”, Mancini said.

Sabatino Durante, one of the Susic’s agents, said that Mancini could actually be the key figure in the transfer of Bosnian player.

”So far nothing is signed, but informal agreement is there”, said Durante for Italian media, stating that it was spoken about this transfer even year ago, but that now this process is accelerated by Mancini.


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