A Man from Sarajevo one of the best Photographers in Los Angeles

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Mirza Hasanefendić from Sarajevo is a professional commercial photographer in Los Angeles.

“My life is full of coincidences which led me to this amazing city,” Mirza began his story.

His love for photography began with a failure.

“During studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, I failed an exam in photography at second year of studies. By chance, my final work ended in trash and I had nothing to show that morning. Today I am grateful for that because it resulted in days spent in the chamber, developing new photographs from a beautiful black-and-white Ilford 400 film, which made me fall in love with the process of creating a photograph. After that, I knew that photography will be the thing that defines me,” said Mirza.

Upon completion of studies at the Academy and graduating at the department of graphic design, the next logical step for Mirza was to embark on a career in the world of advertising agencies.

“I did that and I spent next ten years working for agencies from Sarajevo, acquiring valuable experience with clients such as the United Nations. However, just like everything goes on that I how I decided to move away from the world of marketing and direct my career towards the exciting world of commercial photography. I never regret it,” said Mirza.

Mirza has been living in Los Angeles with his wife Lamija for the past four years. They call that city their home and they work together in a photo studio, dealing with commercial photography. He specialized in portraits and product photography and in his free time he enjoys capturing nature and landscapes and printing major formats on paper and canvas.

Since Los Angeles is one of the most important business, cultural and entertainment centers in the world, a logical question is how Mirza became successful in LA.

“In order to answer this question, I would have to explain the concept of success in my case. Every time I reach a goal, I set another one and that is why I always strive to learn something new and achieve more. The first success was the job I got as a photographer at a medical university, and then the opening of a photo studio in Hollywood. Everything else came after meeting lovely creative people who saw an opportunity for successful cooperation in me,” said Mirza.

Where does Mirza find his inspiration?

“I find inspiration in everyday life, in the environment; all you need to do is look around. You can find inspiration in beautiful sights, interesting faces, interesting products. Usually it is the game of lights and shadows, shapes and colors. I notice something and think about how I could show it in a new and interesting way. When you observe the world around you with a curious view, inspiration is ever present. Possibilities are truly endless,” said Mirza.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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