Man from Banja Luka assembles Classic Cars worth up to 100,000 BAM

oldtimers-banja-lukaSewing machines and mechanical typewriters, gramophones, guitars, pans, coffee grinders and much, much more other, of course, old things is guarding Midhat Hajdarpasic Mitke in its Slap, the restaurant on the bank of Vrbas River. What’s there in this small museum is difficult to even describe in words. In the courtyard are old timers, mainly Mercedes.

Mitke so far personally assembled and repaired thirty cars and 17 three-wheelers.

“We request cars that are complete, then we restore them. My brother, sons and wife help me, and my wife is the wind in my back when I want to give up. (This hobby costs a lot of money?) Yes, but it is truly a pleasure,” revealed Midhat Hajdarpasic, collector from Banja Luka.

He even earns some money from this pleasure. He rents old Mercedes for weddings, filming commercials, promotions.

“Before the war, I used to rent a car, there are differences. The age of Markovic’s will not repeat financially. There is no more Yugoslavia, but that’s how we wanted.”

Oldtimers are mostly Mercedes. They are worth up to 100,000 BAM.

“The oldest is the” 170 “, the so-called Hitler’s”.

Mitke is still best known for making three-wheelers. He made them of old Beetle or Golf. The first was made two years ago and now he can complete one in two months. Grunf is one of the best ones. Modeled after the inventor of Alan Ford, tailpipe is made of fire apparatus, transmission of the rolling pin, and the headlights of a coffee cup.

Those who tried to drive three wheeler said that if Tito knew about them, he would probably never got into the Mercedes.

(Source: N1)

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