Obama’s Step Brother Malik will Come to B&H

Malik-Obama_2453146bMalik Obama, the brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, arrives this evening in the Macedonian capital city Skopje to receive the Peace Prize, announces the correspondent of agency Anatolia.

Specifically, Abon’go Malik Obama, who is also the president of the foundation The Barack H. Obama” in behalf of this foundation, will receive the Peace Prize awarded by the Peace Club in Balkan.

Obama’s brother will receive the Peace Prize tomorrow at the Alexander Palace on behalf of the association “The Barack H. Obama” as a sign of gratitude for the activities carried out by this foundation in order to promote peace in the world, especially in the Balkans.

Peace Club in the Balkans is a non-governmental organization based in Skopje and is established since 2004 by citizens of Balkan countries.

Currently the President of “Peace Club in the Balkans” is the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina Osmo Vatreš.

Representatives of the Peace Club in the Balkans, along with Obama’s brother will visit the Balkan countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey.

(Source: Vijesti.ba)


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