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Malaysian Halal Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 to take Place in Sarajevo Today

The Malaysian Halal Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 will be held from 18 to 20 April in front of the BBI Center in Sarajevo.

Over 40 Malaysian companies will come to the fair and will present their products: food, coffee, teas, natural juices, as well as products related to cosmetics, dental hygiene and furniture.

During these three days, in front of the BBI Center, nine tents will be installed, with 4 stands each, on which Malaysian entrepreneurs will present these products.

In addition, there will be a special part intended for children, “Kids Corner”, where it is planned to be a full-day program for children for all three days, through specially created creative, educational and entertaining workshops, realized by trainers and educators with years of experience in working with children.

Some of the fun activities are: reading picture books and narrative stories, create playlists, social games, creative workshops and face painting.


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