Major Leaders and Experts seeking the optimal Route for the Sarajevo-Belgrade Highway

The meeting on the topic “Defining the optimal variant of the highway route from Sarajevo to Belgrade based on the initiative initiated by the Republic of Turkey” was held today in the building of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting was attended by FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, Federal Minister of Transport and Communications Denis Lasic, Director of the JP Autoputevi of the FBiH Adnan Terzic, the mayors of Tuzla, Bijeljina and Brcko District Jasmin Imamovic, Mico Micic and Sinisa Milic, and heads of Zepaa and Orasje Mato Zovko and Stanko Vincetic, according to the agency Patria.

“We have a connection line from Brcko to Banovici. All conditions, assumptions of economic and demographic factors are here. The question remains that in a certain way, all stakeholders in this project are engaged in this direction. The eastern direction is Sarajevo – Sokolac – Visegrad,” Novalic said after the meeting after the meeting.

The mayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic, said that the faster development of the area through which the route would go was needed and that the construction of the route will additionally contribute to this. Imamovic said that it is necessary to connect the most important parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as Tuzla, Bijeljina, Brcko and Zepce.

“We came to repeat what we said in Bijeljina. The strength of this proposal is the demographic force, it is about 1.5 million people. Our strength is in the economy, it is the economically most important part, it is also about the transport of goods. We have conceptual projects to resolve obstacles on the way. This is something that integrates BiH, as well as three or more nations, and that’s the most voluminous part. Our need is to develop this area faster, because this space would be better able to help the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Mico Micic, the mayor of Bijeljina, said that everything is in support of the construction of this route.

“I think this is a completely normal initiative and a lot of what is said goes in favor of this being one of the priorities. What is certain is that after Sarajevo and Banja Luka, these are the largest cities and economic centers. Bijeljina and Tuzla have a large number of inhabitants, so this is in favor of our route. We did not invent hot water, in the RS and FBiH spatial plan all these roads exist. We would take part of the Vc road to Zenica, from Zenica there is a concept solution to Zepce through Tuzla to Brcko, as well as the solution of the Bijeljina-Brcko road. All this goes in the direction that this is one of the best routes to connect the densest part of BiH,” Micic pointed out.

(Source: NAP.ba)

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